About Us

May 21, 2021

KeepItLoud Crew is a Caribbean culture and lifestyle brand. KeepItLoud Crew Carnival podcast embodies the Caribbean culture through the music industry and vegan lifestyle. The podcast dives into the details of the backbone of the Caribbean festivals, events, and entertainment culture. This led to meeting and creating a great group of contacts. With those contacts, we were able to expand into music distribution where KeepItLoud Crew completes all necessary steps of publication, administration, and distribution of music content. Our services allow artists to have their music on major music platforms across the globe. The most recent expansion of KeepItLoud Crew is our new TV channel on Roku; KeepItLoud TV. With having our own TV channel, we can broadcast a variety of Caribbean content, with access to over 100 million viewers on Roku. The lifestyle brand KeepItLoud Crew encompasses a variety of digital streaming platforms.